Wedding Cakes - Chocolate
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Willy Wonka themed naked chocolate wedding cake with vanilla buttercream and a march of chocolate mice up the side - price guide 275 Fabulous themed wedding cake with chocolate wraps, chocolate sea shells and a sugar starfish bride and groom - my favourite chocolate wedding cake of 2016 - price guide 400
Tiny 2-tier chocolate helter-skelter cake, for an intimate reception - price guide 100 3-tier chocolate wedding cake with white chocolate strips and milk chocolate roses - price guide - 400
Chocolate cake with summer berries - 3 tiers of chocolate cake with plain and milk cigarillos round the sides, heaped with summer berries - ideal to double as dessert and wedding cake - price guide 300 A small version of my white chocolate helterskelter wrap cake, big enough for 60 to 70 guests. Sprayed all over with an edible pearl glaze. Price Guide 250
Cadbury purple ribbon and bow round each of 3-tiers of chocolate cake, white chocolate cigarillos and handmade chocolate roses round the ledges of each tier and on top. This has wider than average tiers and will feed more guests - price guide - 450 Milk Chocolate Helterskelter Cake with 4 tiers of chocolate cake covered with milk chocolate fans and handmade white chocolate roses - price guide 400
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