Birthday Cakes - Fruit and Sponge
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This is a \'wonky\'sponge birthday cake. It is very funky and can be done in any colour scheme. For more pictures of this cake look on my blog for 11 January 2012. price guide 90 for 8" diameter cake Shopaholic sponge birthday cake with sugar replica bags from favourite shopping haunts - price guide 100 (for 10 inch version)
Birthday cake for someone at a significant age with a photo of them as a child. Suitable for a man or woman. This cake has a spray of pink sugar flowers, and a pink sugar ribbon and bow on the side - 10 inch cake - price guide 100 12 inch square sponge 40th Birthday cake with large pink 40 in sugar, pink glittery butterflies on wires and a twisted sugar garland decorating the sides, all sprinkled with edible pink hearts - price guide 120
Wellies cake - slightly larger than life size, sponge cake, Wellington Boots complete with wellie warmers - price guide - 150 An alternative to having cakes in the shape of numbers. A 12 inch square cake with the numbers cut out of sugar taking up most of the top of the cake, but with enough room for the Happy Birthday Mario piped on. Two sprays of colourful stars on wires and some more stars on the side and top of the cake - price guide 120
Birthday cake in sponge in the shape of a 4 and a 0 so, really, this is 2 large cakes. They are marzipanned and iced and then have primary coloured stars decorating them and a fountain of sugar stars on wires. The name of the birthday boy/girl is also in sugar on wires - Price guide 180 Allotment cake for a gardening enthusiast, 10 inch square fruit cake with tiny sponge cake shed - Price Guide 120
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